SASUF Research & Innovation Week Participant Information Form

Please enter your information for the SASUF 2020 Research & Innovation Week, 4-8 May, Sweden. Information will be published for all participants to search. Fields with an asterisk (*) are for planning purposes only and will not be published. Please contact if you have any questions or concerns.

Events in Umeå:

Monday 4 May (choose 1)
1. Plant biotechnology – for a long-term sustainable future for life on Earth and beyond

Tuesday 5 May (choose 1)
1.Emerging Health Challenges in South Africa and Sweden
2. Diversity and health of pollinating insects and plants
3. Promoting social change for sustainability; Aspects of education and informal finance

Monday & Tuesday 4-5 May
(if selected, you are committing to attend ONLY this event and will not be able to attend the ones listed above)
1. AI and data analytics in Agriculture and Food & Beverage industries

Events in Stockholm, & Uppsala

Events in Lund & Malmö

Events in Gothenburg, Karlstad, Trollhättan, Strömstad & Värnamo